Access for motor vehicles and tourists is allowed only on established and marked routes

Parking is done only in places specially designed for this purpose

Waste will only be disposed of in places specially designed for collection

The breaking, cutting, destruction or alteration of vegetation is strictly forbidden. To protect biodiversity, the visitor must not intervene in any way (even if motivated by good intentions) on plants, shrubs or trees

Carving on trees, rocks or cave walls is forbidden

Access by motorized means of transport, within the perimeter of protected areas, is made only with the consent of the administrator, only for activities that do not affect the favorable conservation status of species and habitats, in situations justified as beneficial to the site

It is forbidden to destroy barriers on car roads, signs, as well as panels that provide information about the area

Everything must be left as it was found. We will admire with our eyes and the camera, without touching the cultural, historical structures and the artifacts we discover

The use of open fire is strictly forbidden. The fires destroy the flora and endanger the lives of birds and other living things that are part of the fauna, causing imbalances in nature

When we observe activities that harm the environment, we will immediately notify the administrator of the protected natural area we are visiting

It is forbidden to organize competitions and group events of any kind, courses that involve access to the field in the area of protected natural area and camps without the consent of the administration of the Reservation

It is forbidden to pollute the spring and the river with chemicals (detergents, oil, soap, etc.).