Exploring and Protecting Biodiversity: Partnership Continues

We are thrilled to announce the continuation of our partnership between the Cultural-Natural Reserve “Orheiul Vechi” and the Ecological Society “Biotica”! This time, we have joined forces to reintroduce a plant of special significance – ASTRAGALUS DOZIANTIS, listed in the prestigious Red Book, back into its natural habitat.

Our goal is simple yet crucial: to protect and conserve biodiversity within the Cultural-Natural Reserve “Orheiul Vechi”. We see this commitment as essential for our future and the generations to come.

Through this collaboration, we aim to highlight the importance of preserving natural habitats and vulnerable species. ASTRAGALUS DOZIANTIS, being a rare and fragile presence, symbolizes the richness and fragility of our ecosystems.

This initiative wouldn’t have been possible without the support and involvement of our local community and all those engaged in nature conservation. We are deeply grateful for your support and encourage you to join our efforts in protecting and preserving the unique beauty and diversity of Orheiul Vechi.

We invite you to join us on this ongoing journey of discovery and protection of nature, because only together can we make a significant difference for the environment and for ourselves.