29 million MDL for the development of the touristic infrastructure of the Cultural-natural Reserve „Orheiul Vechi”

The money will be invested in the restoration of historical monuments and in the development of tourist infrastructure of the Republic of Moldova.

Today, on 21.10.22, a contract was signed between the Public Institution Cultural-Natural Reserve “Orheiul Vechi”, represented by the director Ion Ciobanu, with ADR Centru, director Trofin Pavel, the construction companies ProEx 2005 from Romania, director Pavel Plămădeală and Restaco Moldova, director Bradu Mihai.

As part of the project implementation, works will be carried out to consolidate the medieval Tatar Baths, reconstruction works of a portion of the medieval fortification system with exhibition halls, construction works a block with a multifunctional conference room, maintainance and infrastructure works of the Butuceni promontory.