The learning of good management practices – discussions, opinions, impressions

We had a weekend full of impressions and beautiful memories with the members of the “Biotica” Ecological Society team and the representatives of the working groups for informing citizens about the creation of the “Lower Dniester” National Park, who visited the “Orheiul Vechi” Cultural-Natural Reserve.

Those who represent and interact with the local community came from almost every locality in the new “Lower Dniester” National Park, to learn about the functioning of a protected natural area, such as the one at Orheiul Vechi.

Mr. Ion Ciobanu, who runs the “Orheiul Vechi” Cultural-Natural Reserve, guided the participants through the reserve and shared the advantages, disadvantages, challenges, successes of the most visited tourist place in Moldova.

The participants listened, enjoyed, asked and learned, so that this information could later be disseminated in the localities where they came from.

We had the honor of having the representatives of the Embassy of Sweden in Chisinau close to us, thanks to whose support this study visit was possible.

The action took place within the project “Guardians of the nature of Moldova: Consolidation of the rights of local communities on both banks of the Dniester” carried out in partnership with Arnika, with the help of the Transition program, with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.