Basarabians in the world!

We have the special pleasure and delight to congratulate our compatriot, Vladimir Boaghe, student at Politecnico di Milano, with the Laurea Magistrale!

Our congratulations reach the superlative due to the fact that Vladimir chose vernacular architecture from Orheiul Vechi – “Rural Moldova. The rediscovery of vercacular houses” as the subject of his dissertation.

During his academic career, our student chose 2 coordinators, one from Italy, the architect Nora Lombardini, and the other from Moldova, the reserve’s deputy director, Daniela Hadirca.

His work is unique, as he designed and developed new tools, techniques and measures to protect houses with vernacular architecture within the “Orheiul Vechi” Cultural-Natural Reserve!
We are proud of Vladimir’s performance of getting the maximum mark (110 out of 110) and we are waiting for him in the country to join the restoration and conservation projects at Orheiul Vechi.